Conference Theme

Dream, Build & Grow: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Potential

Creation of wealth is, certainly, in the hands of entrepreneurs. New products, new services and advanced technologies introduced as a result of innovations help economic prosperity not only for the host nations but they add to greater social upliftment and help raise standard of living of citizens. In this process, governments get increased tax revenue which enables them to allocate more funds for various sectors of the economy.

The 4th International Conference aligns with the vision of India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narender Modi, to promote India as a Start-Up Nation. The purpose of ICON 2017 is to provide a platform to disseminate and exchange ideas among researchers, students, policy makers and practitioners to promote a better understanding of current issues and solutions to the challenges in the globalized economy in relation to the field of Entrepreneurship.

The conference hopes to introduce a wider view of entrepreneurship as new methods of creating value, and to focus on research that study innovative processes, organizational practices, systems, supply chain design and other mechanisms that are related to operations in practice. It aims to bring together academics, researchers and entrepreneurs to discuss the perspectives of responsible development of small and medium – sized enterprises in a dynamic environment. The conference debates the complex relationship between entrepreneurship and responsibility, from a wide range of perspectives: economic, social, environmental, organisational, technological, marketing, competitiveness and human angle.

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